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           Friendship Shayari or Dosti Shayari

If you have a lot of friends or dost then this Dosti Shayari or Friendship Shayari article will be very special and helpful for you. It’s basically for all the friends or Dost. And nowadays we are sharing latest Shayari on Dosti and Shayari on Friendship for your friends. As we know that everyone has a friend may be ‘girlfriend’ and they love to text them Friendship Shayari and sometimes Dosti Shayari images or Shayari on Friendship but most of the time according to their prank mood they send them Funny Shayari on Dosti. This article and shayari's are not only for the friendship day. Friends are forever so just feel them special with this friendship shayari.
If you are looking for Dosti Shayari or Best Dosti Shayari images or Latest Friendship Shayari on the internet regularly and cannot find the proper Shayari on Dosti or Shayari on Friendship, then it’s a very frustrating situation. nevertheless, you get various types of Dosti Shayari in Hindi but choosing the best Shayari on Friendship for your favorite friends is a  big task. So don’t panic, we are here for all the shayari's collection you need. Now there’s no looking further to go anywhere else, we will going to share you the Best Friendship Shayari and Dosti Shayari in Hindi for Facebook and latest Dosti Shayari images or Shayari on Friendship for your Whatsapp DP.
Shayari is a delightful method to express our adoration, care, friendship and feelings. Shayari is associated with our heart and our profound feelings. Through Shayari one can state everything flawlessly. Articulation of affection is for the most part extremely intense for everybody except shayari makes it extremely straightforward, fill your feelings into it and think about what your adoration acknowledges you entire heartedly. Can the outflow of affection as well as torment of a heart break be delightfully formed into words through shayari. There are numerous dialects to convey what needs be and demonstrate your sentiments however the best and intense path is obviously the universe of shayari is like Romantic Shayari, Sad Shayari, Funny Shayari and more . Shayari give us inward quality to express our sentiments and it gives us words to likewise. Ordinarily when we are extremely discouraged and somewhat fatigued with the way things are going ahead in our life.
Interesting Sher-O-Shayari can bring us out of that misery and illuminate our disposition. Sad Shayari has an energy to take you towards our mate and dismal shayari can express your inclination for somebody exceptionally unique when he/she is in need. These days mind and silliness have turned into a basic part if at all we need to break the repetitiveness of the generally dreary life. Clever Sher-O-Shayari can go about as a crisp breath of air in our day by day life. We as a whole pine for snapshots of happiness and chuckling and their quality in reality makes life a delightful affair worth living. Amusing shero shayari can present to us these minutes.
Funny Shayari not just enable individuals to grin while mitigating them of their various burdens and strains regardless enable people to recuperate their wellbeing by enhancing their inclinations and general standpoint towards life. Interesting Sher O Shayari is an incredible method for offering happiness and chuckling to your friends and family, be it parties or social gatherings or whether you are getting a charge out of a serene minute alone in your most loved spot at home. Without the fun, cleverness and giggling that jokes bring, the world will be all grimaces. Amusing jokes are made to reflect life in surprising, diverting and engaging ways. A decent giggle is as irresistible as clever jokes are affecting to life. In adding diversion to life's encounters, interesting jokes make the world worth grinning. The chuckling that amusing jokes bring influences individuals to feel like a child again and adapt to troublesome circumstances by taking a gander at the lighter side of any condition throughout everyday life. Amusing jokes get straightforward delights life as they display an exemplary method for keeping individuals engaged.
One thing that is extraordinary about Funny Shayari in Hindi is that it gives individuals an incredible method to directing life's antagonism and transforming it into something that is valuable. It utilizes your torment as the premise of diversion, your pessimists as your minds, and it utilizes jokes for its turns of phrase. Entertaining jokes furnish you with a productive utilization of your falsehoods, lies and dissatisfaction. It brings a feeling of discharge that keeps all the cynicism from getting hold up inside you. From numerous points of view, interesting jokes make life more endurable and worth grinning about.
There's no better method to sit back, respite, break or time outs than by sharing interesting jokes. One method for holding with your associates, collaborators and family is through entertaining discussions. Whatever is a discussion without entertaining jokes? Including entertaining components in discussions is one powerful treat in keeping individuals occupied with a discussion. It works like caffeine. It animates everyone's faculties. It influences us to think. It pushes us to best each other with a superior joke.

The affirmation of making an amusing joke is safeguard. You can't be blamed under any circumstance in endeavoring to make or portray a story with the intention of influencing individuals to snicker. The general reaction for jokes would be chuckling if not a slight jerk of grin on the substance of spectators or audience members. In the event that a joke did not get any reaction, the joke is called level. In any case, even level jokes influence individuals to giggle as much as amusing jokes do. No one can foul up in making his own adaptations of jokes. It even does not have standards or techniques to take after. Simply take after your considerations, remain with it, make fun with it and describe it. Doubtlessly, your contemplation will work out an entertaining joke.
We have seen enough motion pictures to see that entertaining folks get the pretty women and clever men wind up fortunate. Indeed, even clever toon characters are given upbeat endings. We have seen enough reality show to state that the way to being popular is by being highlighted in an entertaining video. Being interesting is the way to getting a head in life individuals! Presently there's a straightforward interesting joke.
Making and conveying an amusing joke is an intrinsic capacity that people have, albeit some picked not to investigate those inborn abilities. A decent joke can basically be made by simply recounting a legit tale about your life. As the adage goes, "act naturally". Try not to be reluctant to ridicule yourself on occasion. Life was not made to get individuals anxious. Simply lay back and let your considerations stream. Draw in a few companions in a basic discussion and begin talking. You'll be amazed; the jokes will simply take off of your mouth.

Funny Shayari On Dosti:

**Laakho Khwaish Aisi Ke Har Khawish Pe Dum Nikle,
Koi To Meri Wife Se Kahe Ke Wo Shopping Ke Liye Kam Nikle!**

**Tumhaari yaad dil se jaane nahin denge,
Tumhaare jaisa dost khone bhi nahin denge,
Roz sharafat se sms kiya karo warna,
Ek kaan k neeche denge or rone bhi nahin denge!**

**Jidhar Dekho Ishq K Bimar Baithe H,
Hazaron Mar Gaye Lakhon Taiyar Baithe H,
Barbad Hote Hain Ladkiyon K Piche,
Aur Kehte Hai Ki Berojgar Baithe H!**

**Naa jane kaun sa virus hai teri yaado me,
Tujhko sochta hu to hang sa ho jata hu…!**

**अपनी इंडिया में सरकार हो या शादी,
सबको एक साल में खुश खबरी चाहिए..।**

**Raat ko kitab meri mujhe dekhti rhee..
neend mujhe apni orr khenchti rhee..
Neend ka jhonka mera mann moh gayaa..
Aur aik raat phir yeh genius bina padhe so gaya!!**

**Ab to dunyiya walon pe bilkul bharosa nahi karna ”Faraz”
Ek bewafa humko China ka Bakra keh kar Kutta Baich gaya!**

**Un se keh do woh mujhe Pagal na kahein,
Ammi kehti hein jo kehta hai wo khud hi hota hai!**

**YU Barisho Se Dosti Achhi Nahi,
Ghar Main Paani Bhara to Tera Baap Nikaale Ga Kya!**

**Masoom Muhabbat ka
Bas itna fasana hai.
Ammi Ghar se Nikalny Nahi Deeti
AUR mujhy DATE pe jana hai!**

**Bahot Dard Hota He Jab Teacher Bolte He Mujse Ki,
Tumhare Aur Tumhare Aagewala Ka Answer Ek He Tha.
Tab Dil Se Aawaz Aati He, Tho Saale Savaal Bhi To Ek Hi Tha..!**
Very Very Funny Shayari In Hindi:

 **जवानी के दिन चमकीले हो गए
हुस्न के तेवर नुकीले हो गए
हम इज़हार करने से रह गए
उधर उनके हाथ पीले हो गए |**
**तुमसा कोई दूसरा जमीन पर हुआ
तो रब से शिकायत होगी
एक को तो झेला नहीं जाता
दूसरा आ गया तो हालत क्या होगी |**

**मच्छर ने काटा वो उसका जनून था
मैंने खुजाया वो मेरा सुकून था
मैं चाहकर भी उसको कैसे मार देता
उस कम्बखत की रगों में तो मेरा ही खून था ||**

**ऐ खुदा हिचकियों में
कुछ तो फर्क डालना होता
अब कैसे पता करूँ कि
कौनसी वाली याद कर रही है |**

**खिडकी से देखा तो रास्ते पे कोई नही था
खिडकी से देखा तो रास्ते पे कोई नही था
वाह वाह
फिर रास्ते पे जाके देखा तो खिडकी में कोई नही था ||**

**उम्र की राह में जज्बात बदल जाते है
वक़्त की आंधी में हालात बदल जाते है
सोचता हूं काम कर-कर के रिकॉर्ड तोड़ दूं
कमबख्त सैलेरी देख के ख्यालात बदल जाते हैं ||**

**Ishq me ye anjam paya hai,
haath pair toote, muh se khoon aya hai,
hospital pahuche to nurse ne farmaya..

**Kya hua jo usne racha li mehndi,
Hamm bhi ab to sehra sajayenge,
Mujhe pata tha wo apne naseeb main nahi hai,
Ab uski chotti bahen ko fasayenge.!**

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Expressions of sentiments shayri are the primary components to keep the start flying. Without these sorts of little acts, any relationship can lose sparkle. It additionally encourages teenagers to express emotions that they feel for somebody. Like you are in the event that you are infatuated and don't know how to propose her, at that point you should take the assistance of supernatural expressions of beautiful love poems, Beautiful shayari. Sad Shayari on Love can be the most ideal approach to express the amount you mind your smash.
Love is a delightful feeling and you can express it in any form, for example, message, songs, love poems, love shayari in urdu. The action of making known one's thoughts or feelings of adoration is imperative as right expression indicates real feeling to your friends and family. Some of the time individuals think that it’s hard to express their feelings and they search generally advantageous and simple approach to do it. Poems Urdu Love Shayari about Relationships can help individuals a lot. You better articulate your emotions as lyrics. 

Hindi Dosti Shayari Ke Liye:

**हम वक्त गुजारने के लिए
दोस्तों को नही रखते,
दोस्तों के साथ रहने केलिए वक्त रखते है.!**

**क्यूँ मुश्किलों में साथ देते हैं दोस्त
क्यूँ गम को बाँट लेते हैं दोस्त,
 रिश्ता खून का  रिवाज से बंधा है,
फिर भी ज़िन्दगी भर साथ देते हैं दोस्त..!**

**अपनी दोस्ती का बस इतना सा उसूल है
ज़ब तू कुबूल है तो तेरा सब कुछ कुबूल है!**

**दोस्त तो दोस्त होता हैउसकी कोई जात या धर्म नही होता,
वो ख़ुशी के टाइम पे भी गालियाँ सुनता है और बुरे टाइम पे भी।**

**जो दिल को अच्छा लगता है उसी को दोस्त कहता हूँ,,
मुनाफ़ा देखकर रिश्तों की सियासत नहीं करता !** 

Friendship Shayari

Friendship Shayari

Dosti shayari

Dosti shayari

friendship shayari in hindi

friendship shayari in hindi

Dosti Shayari in hindi

friendship shayari in english

friendship shayari in english

Best Dost Shayari

Friendship Shayari In English:

**Apun Ki Zindagi Me Rakha Hi Kya Hai..
Kuch Taswire Yaar Ki.
Baki Bottle Sharab Ki!**

**Dosti ka shukriya kuch is trah ada karu,
Aap bhul bhi jao to main yaad karu,
Dosti ne bas itna sikhaya hai muze
Ke khud se pahle apke liye dua karu!**

**Dosti imtihan nahi vishwas mangti hai..
nazar aur kuchh nahi dost ka didar mangti hai…
Zindagi apne liye kuchh bhi nahi,
par dosto ke liye dua hazar mangti ha!**

**Raah chalte buddu banate hai dost … 
cold drink bolke daru pilate hai dost …
girlfriend bolke auntyon se milwaate hai dost …
kitne bhi kamine ho, par yaad bahut aate hai dost!**

**Dost dil ki har baat samajh jaya karte h,
Dukh sukh k har pal mein sath hua karte h
Dost toh mila karte hain taqdeer walo ko,
Mile aisi taqdeer hr bar hume dua karte h.!**

**mujhe zindagi ka itna tzurba to nhi
par suna hai log sadgi me jeene nhi dete!**

**Na jane saloon baad kaisa sama hoga,
Hum sab doston mei se kaun kaha hoga,
Phir agar milna hoga to milenge khwabon mai,
Jaise sukhe gulab milte hai kitabon mai.!!**

**Ek jaise dost sare nahi hote,
Kuch hamare hokar bhi hamare nahi hote,
Aapse dosti karne ke baad mehsus hua,
Kaun kehta hai ‘taare zamin par’ nahi hote.!!**

**Mil jati hai kitno ko khushi,
Mit jate hain kitno ke gum,
Message isliye bhejte hai hum,
Taki na milne se bhi apni dosti na ho kam.!!**

Friendship Shayari In Hindi

 Hindi Shayari Dosti K liye

Friendship Shayari In Hindi:

**आप का आशियाना दिल में बसाया है
आपकी यादों को सीने से लगाया है
पता नही याद आपकी ही क्यों आती है
दोस्त तो हमने औरों को भी बनाया है ||**

**हर यादो मैं उसी की याद रहती है
मेरी आँखो को उसी की तलाश रहती है
कुछ तुम भी दुआ करो यारो
दोस्तो की दुआ मैं फरिश्तो की फर्याद होती है ||**

**शायद फिर वो तक़दीर मिल जाये
जीवन के वो हसीं पल मिल जाये
चल फिर से बैठें वो क्लास कि लास्ट बैंच पे
शायद फिर से वो पुराने दोस्त मिल जाएँ ||**

**खुशी भी दोस्तो से है
गम भी दोस्तो से है
तकरार भी दोस्तो से है
प्यार भी दोस्तो से है
रुठना भी दोस्तो से है
मनाना भी दोस्तो से है
बात भी दोस्तो से है
मिसाल भी दोस्तो से है
नशा भी दोस्तो से है
शाम भी दोस्तो से है
मौहब्बत भी दोस्तो से है
इनायत भी दोस्तो से है ||**

**प्यार कभी पुराना नही होता
जिन्दगी का हर पल सुहाना नही होता
जुदा होना तो किसमत की बात है
पर जुदाई का मतलब भुलाना नही होता ||**

**हर वक़्त फ़िजाओं में,
महसूस करोगे तुम !
#मेरे दोस्त#
हम दोस्ती की वो ख़ुशबू हैं,
जो महकेंगे ज़मानों तक !!**

**पल पल की दोस्ती का वादा है
प्यार बहुत ज्यादा है आपसे
ये ना सोचना की भूल जायेगे हम
जिन्दगी भर दोस्ती निभायेगे हम..||**

 **मंजिल मिलने से दोस्ती भुलाई नहीं जाती,
हमसफ़र मिलने से दोस्ती मिटाई नहीं जाती,
दोस्त की कमी हर पल रहती है यार,
दूरियों से दोस्ती छुपाई नहीं जाती।**

**दोस्ती किसी की रियासत नही होती,
ज़िंदगी किसी की अमानत नही होती,
हमारी सलतनत में देख कर क़दम रखना,
क्योकि हमारी दोस्ती की क़ैद में ज़मानत नहीं होती।**

**ए दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती पर नाज़ करते हैं,
हर वक्त मिलने की फ़रियाद करते हैं,
हमें नहीं पता घर वाले बताते हैं,
हम नींद में भी आपसे बात करते हैं।**

**रिश्ते तो चाहे जैसे हो निभाए जाते है
दोस्ती में कुछ रस्म निभाए जाते है
जब कोई नही होता है दुनिया में
तो बस दोस्त ही वक्त मे पुकारे जाते है!!**

**जिंदगी में कुछ दोस्त Close बन गये,
कोई दिल में तो कोई आँखों में बस गये,
कुछ दोस्त अहिस्ता से बिछड़ते चले गये
पर जो दिल से ना गये वो आप बन गये!!**

**दोस्ती भी क्या गज़ब की चीज़ होती है,
मगर ये भी बहुत कम लोगों को नसीब होती है,
जो पकड़ लेते है ज़िन्दगी में दामन इसका,
समझ लो के जन्नत उनके बिलकुल करीब होती है।**

**तुम बनके दोस्त ऐसे आए ज़िंदगी मे,
के हम ये ज़माना ही भूल गये,
तुम्हे याद आए ना आए हमारी कभी,
पर हम तो तुम्हे भूलना ही भूल गये!!**

**दोस्ती वो नहीं जो जान देती है,
दोस्ती वो भी नहीं जो मुस्कान देती है,अरे सच्ची दोस्ती तो वो है..जो पानी में गिरा हुआ आंसू भी पहचान लेती है|**

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